Prime Angus Lowline

We have a few beef boxes available each year, our herd of Angus Lowlines is 100% grass-fed, we use no chemicals or pesticides on our land and try to avoid using medications unless absolutely necessary.

Our regular customers know how great our beef tastes, this is a recent comment left on Facebook by Jason

OMG! I just BBQ’d some supermarket best RibEye and some Landew Meadow Farm RibEye steaks (which have been in the freezer for about 2 years). The supermarket steaks were good but OMFG the Landew steaks were on a different planet… F$%^$^g steak I can remember having. 

We are not sure why Jason took 2 years to get around to his Rib-Eye but it does show they keep well!

Each Beef box is one-eighth of a cow and contains a mix of all cuts from Fillet to brisket and mince, each box weighs around 15-20 kilos depending on the size of the animal.

To put your name down on our beef box list and be notified when the next beef is available. Request below.

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