About Our Produce

Free Range Woodland Reared Rare Breed Pork

We raise a small number of Oxford Sandy Black rare breed pigs. OSB’s are great at foraging for their food, love living almost wild in the woods and they produce wonderful tasting and healthy meat. Do you wonder who stole the flavour from meat in the supermarket? Does your bacon swim in the pan with water? Does your crackling not crackle anymore? This is because you are buying intensively raised ‘forced meat’, which has been grown quickly in unnatural conditions, not allowing the pig to develop a nice layer of fat and flavour.
We sell our pigs as half a pig, so you will expect to get approximately 20-25Kgs of prime, free range great tasting pork, with cuts of your choice, to include bacon and sausages if required. You can decide what cuts of meat you want or you can use our standard cuts selection. It all comes packaged and labelled ready for your freezer.

Half of a Free Range OSB woodland reared pig – £160.00

Many of the old varieties of pig almost became extinct across Europe because demand for their meat stopped. By purchasing our Rare Breed OSB pork you help to keep the breed going as it allows us to buy in more piglets and support our breeder.

Landews Meadow Multi-Purpose Compost

Coming soon…….

Prime Angus Lowline Calf For Rearing

Would you like your own calf to be raised at Landews Meadow, with daily fresh pasture. We will arrange the purchase of your beef calf. You can come and help rear your calf as part of our heard and when the time comes you get a complete animal for the freezer or to share with friends and family. Pasture raised, no additives, great flavour and quality.
The price of calves varies so contact us for latest prices. You pay for rearing and then final slaughter.

Mixed pasture raised beef box
Price £70 per box, Variety of cuts

Challock Honey

Our bees are busy pollinating our plants and making honey. Great tasting jars of unpasteurised honey £4.00

Farm Open day and Tour

Come and visit our farm and see how we do things a little differently. Dates of Open days will be updated on the site.

Permaculture Farm Experience Week

If you are thinking of becoming a small Holder and you like to learn more about Permaculture and Regenerative Agriculture techniques we offer Farm experience weeks where you can come and work at Landews Meadow for a long weekend or a week. This includes explanations of all the techniques we are utilising, giving you a great starting point to do it yourself. You pay for accommodation in one of our cottages and work with us on the farm for the duration of your stay.

Delivery Charges – Local area 10 miles of Challock – £5.00