Our Holistic Goal

By treating our land as a holistic system we are trying to create a virtuous circle of life, a sustainable system that is not reliant on energy, chemicals or inputs from far away. Achievement of this goal is some way off in the future but as per another Permaculture principal, using small slow solutions is better than quick fixes.

Our Holistic Goal is to create a bio diverse and sustainable natural environment for us, our livestock and the visitors to our cottages to enjoy, to produce healthy nutritious food with involvement, interaction and education of our local community.

Holistic planning and management involves testing all your actions against your goal. By checking that the action, intervention or expenditure will move you closer to and not further from your goal we have a process for driving our decisions and actions towards our desired outcome.

By viewing our farm as a holistic part of a larger environment and continually testing decisions we can ensure we make the best use of the resources available to us achieve our goals.