Permaculture is a design system for sustainable living created by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren. We try to work to the Permaculture ethics and apply the 10 principals as we use strategies and techniques devised for sustainability. The ethics and principals are shown here:


Nigel has completed a Permaculture design course and examples of how we implement the ethics and principals are:

Care For The Earth

Spraying chemical fertilizer, weed killers and ploughing all damage the soil and eco systems, so we do not do any of these, preferring a holistic approach to soil regeneration.

Observe and Interact

Before taking any actions on our land we observe what is happening, where water collects and runs, what grows where naturally, what birds and insects we have and where we have different micro climates. This helps us plan before we interact.

Catch and Store Energy

We have installed Solar panels and a wind turbine. We harvest rainwater in tanks and our lake and we are planning to build further ponds and irrigation ditches and swales to store rainwater. We hope to install ground source heat pumps to provide heating and hot water, which use stored thermal energy.

Use and Value Diversity

Planting trees and hedges increase diversity, installing water systems increase diversity, our holistic grazing and planting wildflowers increases diversity. We follow our cattle in the fields with free ranging chickens and use our pigs for ploughing, providing diversity of livestock.

The principals and ethics provide great inspiration and solutions to problems.