Our cottages in Kent with a hot tub.

Want to relax in a hot tub in Kent with the peace and quiet of a rural setting overlooking a lake is ideal for a special treat.
Hop Cottage is set in a rural setting on our bio-diverse farm in Kent’s AONB. Called the Garden of England with its plentiful greenery and one of the warmest climates in the UK. At the centre of Kent’s heritage lies Agriculture and horticulture. This is something that Kent really excels in, one is its growing of fruit, which betters most other regions in the UK, and therefore it’s no surprise that Kent is home to the National Fruit Collection, hosted at the Brogdale Collections near Faversham.

We all want something a little special when we book our cottage holidays, amongst others, one thing is that will give you that special feel, is a cottage with a hot tub. Located outside in a private location, your private hot tub makes for a perfect way to spend some relaxing evenings.
If you just want to submerge yourself in the warm water and watch the sun going down. Or you want to enjoy the company of your friends and family, which you may have not seen for a while – you need a hot tub holiday!

Our hot tub is exclusive to your property. There is a Hot shower and bathroom for changing and showering before and after using the hot tub. The hot tub is sheltered from the weather, mainly wind. Which makes it an even more pleasurable experience all year round. Should you fancy trying a hot tub during your next cottage holiday, have a little look at some of their benefits below.

Health benefits of using a Hot Tub

Relieving Stress

The combination of heat, buoyancy and massaging jets help relieve tension and stress. The therapeutic jets help relieve muscle tension and the buoyancy eases pressure in joints. The massaging effect of the jets also stimulates the release of Endorphins. Endorphins are the body’s natural painkiller and mood setter. Normally associated with post-exercise highs or feeling ‘euphoric’, but their release from bathing in a hot tub is the same, great for ‘well being’ and easing depression if you are feeling a little low.

Arthritis and hot tubs

As mentioned earlier the heat and buoyancy help ease the pressure to relax muscles and joints. What better way to apply heat into joints decreasing stiffness and pain the additional release of the body’s painkillers into the mix. The Arthritis Research Campaign recommends using a hot tub.



30 million Britons suffer from some form of insomnia and other sleep disorders. The benefits of bathing in a hot tub before you turn in for the night are obvious. The relaxation (maybe don’t have the jets on) gained from the hot tub and the heat, the endorphin release will put any overactive mind into a different state. Studies show deeper and more relaxing sleep is had after relaxing in a hot tub or a good old bath for that matter.

Another useful effect of having a good soak before bed is the possibility of missing those snacking opportunities late at night. Numerous studies show that avoiding late evening snacks greatly lowers your insulin levels. The problem with insulin it does not occupy the same space as Human growth hormone(HGH) very well, if at all. It takes the place of HGH, therefore if insulin is present there is no HGH. Your bodies time to repair is while you are asleep, the less time you have high levels of HGH present, the less repairing get done.


Lower blood pressure and sugar levels

Studies by Mayo Clinic and New England Journal of Medicine recommended the use of a hot tub. The studies found that the stimulating effect of the hot tub has the same effects as exercising lowed the blood sugar level in type 2 diabetes sufferers. While the relaxing effects of a hot tub help lower blood pressure.

So come and see us in Kent and book one of our Hut Tubs…