Kent Farm Holidays

Family farm holidays can be a great getaway for parents and their children. There is normally plenty of safe areas on a farm for the kids to run around and find plenty of things to do. For the parents the scenery is normally impressive. There are many great farm stays in Kent to enjoy. 

Farm stays can be great alternative for a holidays as they tend to be less expensive and there is quite often more availability as they are a little off the beaten track, wander along seldom trodden farm tracks and really escape the bustle of everyday life. This also can make it quite and peaceful. Not all farms are working farms, some have moved entirely to accommodation.

Have a look at our Glamping options Rose Hut or Hedgehog Hall Pod 

Depending on your holiday intentions you might just be planning on using the farm cottage / apartment or cabin as a base to stay at and explore the surrounding areas. There are generally many public rights of way passing through farm land which can be very relaxing to walk.

As well as staying in farm dwellings, there are an increasing number of farm campsites and even more so lately, glamping sites, with shepherds huts and Pods appearing. These are actually becoming very luxurious these days with the addition of Hot tubs, decking and outdoor kitchens/cooking areas.

Here are some websites to pop and get more information about Farm holidays as our farm is only a small working farm and concentrates more on sustainability.

Another form of farm stays are the much forgotten bunkhouses which are group accommodation with shared kitchens and bathrooms. These are not so popular these days and  for families they are not ideal. But for the solo traveller they are gold, very cheap, one night stays allowed at most of the time certainly during the week. They are quite often big old farm house/ barns that have been converted, so lovely to stay in. Quite often they have bedrooms for 2,4 and 6 people, so the are appealing to small groups travelling. And as they are not so popular  you will probably have them all to yourself now and again. – Best farm holiday ideas

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What is a camping barn?

So what is a camping barn? A camping barn offers simple accommodation in a rural location. There is a platform to lay down your sleeping mat and bag, a table and benches and a safe area for you to use your camping stove. Some camping barns have a wood burning stove to gather around in the evenings.

The Farm Experience

For the farm animals it starts in spring, with the cattle having their calves and the sheep lambing. When glamping in our Shepherds Hut or Hedgehog Hall Pod amongst the peace and quiet you will hear the calves and lambs calling their mothers.

The farm has been following a regenerative and sustainable ethos for over 10 years now and no pesticides or chemicals have been used in this period of time. This means that in the last 10 years the wildlife especially the insects have had time to recolonise the meadows. There are now returning abundance. Aphid killing ladybirds, spiders and slug killing ground beetles, these predatory insects are in fact natures own way of keeping a balance. Underground the worm populations are returning which has improved the structure, drainage and fertility of the soil.

Swales were introduced a few year ago now and planted with trees. These are establishing themselves now. Slowing the run off of the water allowing it the hydrate more of the soil, this in turn provides a better growing environment.

There has also been some return of butterflies Common Blues, Marbled Whites, Meadow Browns and and Gatekeepers. You can enjoy there fluttering around the farm. You may also be lucky and some of our other wildlife around the the farm. We have hares, badgers the odd fox. In the air you might see red kites, and buzzards.